Horns & Pizza

Last night, our friends Savannah & Jeremy came to the house (where we're recording overdubs for our newest EP - more info soon) and laid down some slick horn parts on a couple of songs. They absolutely crushed it. We've wanted to add horns to some of our music for a couple of years now, and I'm glad we did. Just the combo of a trombone and trumpet add a smoothing layer over existing melodies and parts. So when you hear of new music in a few weeks, know that it's not the sound you're used to from The Bear & The Bride. Hey, it may not even be from "The Bear & The Bride" per say. ;) 

P.S. Alot of our need for brass in our music came from 3 artists that we don't necessarily sound like. so check out the following: Becoming Who we Are by King's Kaleidoscope, Borderlands by John Mark Mcmillan, and Continuum by John Mayer. 

Talk soon!

- Payton