Florence, AL

What a town to live in. This past weekend, the Billy Reid shindig painted the town hipster. There were so many well-to-do cowboys walking around that a friend of mine saw an actual tumble weed rolling down the street. Makes no sense. But hey, this is the good kind of hipster stuff. Billy Reid and his team bring some great music, fashion, art, and food to this town once a year, and I enjoy every minute of it. But the simple truth is, Florence is the full-time home to many great makers, musicians, chefs, and people. I don't regret moving away for a little while to appreciate what I have, but I couldn't imagine living anywhere else at the moment. 

P.S. I saw Jack White playing baseball at the University baseball field and said "hey man, hows it going?" while trying to keep as calm as possible. Famous people usually don't turn me into a spazz, but I've been a huge fan of every project Jack White has been a part of since the first time I heard "Seven Nation Army" in 7th grade. This was big stuff. 

Go watch some live videos of Dawes. Their guitar playing was tasty!

Talk soon, 

- Payton